Nora: How I Aim to Turn a Notion Template into a Sustainable Business

Nora: How I Aim to Turn a Notion Template into a Sustainable Business


Ever since I started delving into the digital world of marketing and technology 5 years ago, I knew I wanted to have something of my own. I had always had a passion for it, but as I grew to learn more and more about the digital playground, I realised the immense potential that lies within digital products and software/SaaS. The leverage it provides, the scalability, and the satisfaction of building something that can make a difference in others' lives, just to name a few – all of these have been driving forces in my journey towards acquiring Nora, a Notion template with the capacity to solve many of the main pain points in project management.

How Digital Products Can Scale Your Business 

Digital products are opportunities to innovate, inspire, and invest in a future within the online space. They have the ability to turn an idea into a tangible product without the conventional constraints of physical space, logistics, and large capital. Think about it: Digital products can be created once and sold repeatedly, offering endless leverage for your sales. Jack Butcher actually teaches this concept in his course, “Build Once, Sell Twice,” showing how by developing digital products, you can grow your online audience and sales exponentially.

This brings me to perhaps the biggest advantage of digital products: the prospect of passive income. This was a significant factor that attracted me to them, as it meant gaining control over my time and generating revenue without being bound to it. Passive income opens doors to working on other projects, focusing on improving current ones, and gaining a sense of financial security—all while creating an evergreen stream of income. If this resonates with you and your goals, then digital products might be a path worth exploring.

The Decision To Renovate a Digital Product

Thinking about acquiring your own digital product? That’s great! But before you take that leap, ask yourself these questions. What are your goals? Do you have a clear vision of what you could change or add to the product? Is there a demand for what you're planning? And most importantly, do you have the right skills to make it happen?

You need to think of it like finding your place in the market. Understanding your niche makes all the difference and will likely determine whether you’ll make a successful purchase. In my case, I knew I had a passion for digital software, productivity tools (like Notion) and project management, so a product/template like Nora made complete sense to me. It’s not just about finding what you like, it’s about identifying your area of expertise and focusing on where you can provide real value. This is essential to building trust with your audience. With this in mind, I started thinking about the digital products out there that could benefit from my skills and take them to the next level.

Renovating a digital product is a bit like remodelling a house. You find a structure that you love, develop a vision for it, and add those final touches that make it ready for the world to see. It’s like being handed the floor plan from the architect, but you’re the one who ultimately chooses the flooring, wall paint and adds the details that make it yours. Without getting too technical, sometimes software creators do not have enough time to really foster their products. They could create something truly great, but if they don’t know how to market it or reach the right people, it will never achieve its truest potential.

This is what inspired me to look for a product like Nora. It was an amazing template that could truly help project managers, especially within the digital industry, but it had no one to nurture it. So whether you're an expert or just getting started, these are the ideas and questions that can guide you to something exciting and meaningful. It all begins with the right decision.

How I Became The New Owner Of Nora 

As someone who is always curious about the latest updates in the digital space, I made sure to regularly immerse myself in the market dynamics. I would often browse through websites like to explore what others were selling, and buying and to keep a pulse on emerging trends in products, SaaS and more. 

During my usual research, something caught my eye, and I knew I had found a digital gem. Enter Nora, a sophisticated Notion template that focuses on solving the biggest challenges of project management in Notion. Not only was it practical, but visually pleasing too. It was more than just a template; it was an idea that resonated with everything I believed in, but I knew it needed some work. I clearly envisioned its capability to be moulded, enhanced, and shared with others within the space. It was a perfect tool for those who felt a commitment to productivity, organisation and efficient project management. The potential for this product seemed huge, so I proceeded to do some digging.

So, how did I actually acquire it? Instead of spending $400 on a subscription fee (sorry, I’m not big enough to have your subscription yet) just to contact the owner, I decided to put on my detective hat and began an online investigation into Nora and the creator behind it. My search finally led me to Phuc, someone I had been following for a while. I knew he was credible, professional and known for his active presence in the indie hacker community. This is what pushed me to reach out to him on Twitter, now known as ‘X’.

We started our chat via Twitter (now X)

Phuc was reliable and transparent. He was happy to share screenshots of Nora’s sales, metrics, and all the questions people were asking about it. Everything about Nora was impressive. The decision to purchase it was a no-brainer for me. 

Phuc was very kind to provide all of the screenshots to verify the numbers

While the sale might not seem monumental in terms of the template itself, I was sure of the value of the purchase, even without any resale or master resale rights. The rest was straightforward. The transaction was easy, free from legal complexities or tedious paperwork. Phuc sent me his Wise details and transferred the template over - and Nora was finally under my name.

Reviving Nora

Once Nora was mine, the real work began. 

I saw the huge potential in bringing this valuable product back to life, but it needed to be cultivated. Phuc had created an amazing and comprehensive product but lacked the time and energy to fully develop it amidst all the other projects he was working on. This is where my ideas came to fruition in order to help market and manage Nora to reach its full potential.

Reviving Nora was not just about giving a new look to a template; it was about aligning it with a vision and setting clear goals for its future.

Here are the objectives I had in mind when deciding to revive Nora:

Improving the visuals. 

The aesthetics were the first on my list. I looked into ways I could enhance the template, website, and social profiles. I collaborated with a talented web designer to rejuvenate the website, transitioning it from Git/Vercel to Webflow, as I wanted a no-code solution. The makeover was more than just aesthetic; it was about making it the best practical tool that it could be.

Positioning it as a Go-to Solution

My main focus was to position Nora as the main project management template for Notion users, particularly for software developers and makers involved in creating cool stuff and planning/project managing. I really wanted to convey its benefits and show people that it could significantly improve their workflow.

Highlighting its Unique Features

A major goal was to set Nora apart from other project management solutions (for example Jira), emphasising its unique selling propositions tailored towards meeting real-life needs. I wanted it to tackle all major pain points when it came to project management challenges. These include feeling overwhelmed by big tasks, not having an effective estimation system, finding it hard to monitor projects and keeping teams on track. To overcome these, Nora offers the ability to create infinite sub-issues or sub-tasks, intelligent task suggestions depending on your focus and energy levels, seamless sprint tracking, estimating how long tasks and projects will take, and keeping track of outdated tasks. 

Increasing Visibility

Targeted SEO efforts were set in motion to increase Nora's visibility in relevant search results, aiming to attract potential users and convert them into customers. This included updating the website, re-launching its social media platforms and reaching out to big creators to try it out and hopefully recommending to their audience or piers.

The revitalisation of Nora was about turning a valuable template into a powerful solution, attuned to the needs of its target audience. Ultimately, the vision was to see Nora not just as a tool, but as an essential element for software developers using Notion for project management.

Where is Nora now? 

Today, I am proud to announce that the new website for Nora has finally launched! It has undertaken a full design refresh, with a new look and feel and improved user experience. The site aims not only to promote and sell Nora, but also to establish itself as a trusted resource for Notion and project management advice and tips. I want it to be a place where Notion users and project managers can find guidance, inspiration, and tools to succeed.

In alignment with this, the re-launch also includes the addition of nine new articles, all tailored to showcase the effectiveness of Notion templates. Efficient project management is at the core of any successful company. Without clear communication, keeping on top of your goals and monitoring progress, leaders will find it extremely hard to reach company objectives. This is why these articles aim to illustrate how to best incorporate powerful tools like Notion into your project management workflow, aiming to turn you into a Notion expert for enhanced productivity. 

Beyond the website itself, Nora’s social profiles have also come back to life, with regular posting taking place to create a real online hub. The goal is to foster a community of users, encouraging them to engage, share experiences, and derive value beyond the initial purchase. I share all kinds of content like Notion tips, productivity advice, and motivation to achieve your goals. By nurturing relationships with users and listening to their needs, you’ll establish yourself as a go-to resource within the digital space!

The present is exciting, and my journey is far from over. Nora has already grown from just a template into a solution that redefines project management within the Notion ecosystem. However, I still have big plans for Nora's social platforms and continuous improvements to the website. I hope these efforts result in a future where Nora becomes synonymous with efficient project management.


This is Nora's story, a journey that started with a love for digital products and turned into something more than just another online purchase. I hope my experience can inspire you to get excited about discovering hidden gems, mastering the art of negotiation, and undergoing the thrill of revitalising a promising product.

If my journey with Nora tells you anything, it's that passion can indeed be transformed into a product that brings a sustainable income stream for your business. The road may not be easy, but it can be filled with exciting and endless opportunities. So, if you share the same zeal for digital products as I do, know that a world full of Noras is out there for you to explore. 

Want to keep up with Nora's progress? Make sure to check out the website and social platforms for regular updates! 

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